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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the heat. and humidity really not a big issue today through tomorrow as well. so, give your air-conditioners a rest because i know -- >> maybe a rest. >> you can open the windows a little bit. still too warm for you, andrea? >> still too warm. >> ok. we're looking at mid-70s this morning. it will be breezy this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s by 1:00. we'll warm up into the mid- 80s. here is a look at your satellite and radar picture. we did see the storms go through yesterday. they've cleared out. we're going to look for a storm-free day. right now, 72 degrees in arlington. mid 70s in d.c. bethesda, 71 degrees. rockville, good morning to you. you're coming in at 70 degrees. highs for today around mid-80s ford.c. 86 degrees andrews air force base. winchester, 81 degrees. luray, 84. really, it is looking pretty good today. just a few degrees above the average high.
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your next three days looks like this. 86 and breezy. friday looking good. 82 degrees and lots of sunshine. saturday, warming back up into the upper 80s. we have a slight chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. here is angie with your traffic. >> good morning, everybody. hope you're having a fantastic thursday. really quite an uneventful morning on the roadways which is how we like it. green light stays on. the one we're following, this is out in northeast d.c. what we have is first street. it is currently shut down and the traffic lights are out as crews continue to work the power outage on first street between l and m street. if you're headed out that way, you're definitely going to want to use caution and i want to remind you, you will be following police direction. let's take a closer look at 95 in virginia. you're slow already from the prince william parkway all the way up to route 1 woodbridge as evident from the yellow and red on our screen here. let's move it outside. open the door. i'll show what you i'm talking about. drivers are going below speed. we'll get relief past route
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one. back over to the maps. we're delayed already on 66 headed eastbound. the first delay is going to be outside 234 to 28 and then 50 to the beltway, a good amount of congestion as well. we want to take you over to our travel times. the outer loop from 95 to 270 looks like we're still in the green north of the district. only about 10 minutes. 95 headed southbound, no problems approaching the capital beltway. the beltway itself if you're using it, about a 9 minute drive time. a look at the beltway in virginia. mike, i'll have that at 6:12. over to you. >> it is now 2 minutes after 6:00. here is a quick look at the stories happening today. president obama will be meeting with house democrats at the white house this afternoon. they'll be talking about raising the debt ceiling and ways to reduce the deficit. it comes after the president met with house republicans and g.o.p. leaders said they will not vote on it without spending cuts. >> mitt romney will officially
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enter the 2012 race for president. he's set to announce his candidacy for the republican nomination in new hampshire later today. most polls have romney as the early front-runner for the g.o.p. bid. the new scripps national spelling bee champion will be crowned later today at national harbor. 41 out of 275 youngsters made it to this morning's semifinals including two from maryland and another from virginia. the winner gets more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. it is less oppressive but still warm and almost 2,000 people in northeast d.c. may be dealing with a second straight day with no power. >> yesterday evening, pepco thought it had fixed the main outage problem but that has since changed. the power went off again before 11:00 p.m. crews are trying to restore service once again. surae chinn joins us live from one of the key trouble spots on the progress. good morning, surae. >> good morning to both of you. it has been a long two days. pepco workers are feverishly
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trying to get people back online. you can see them working right here at first and m streets northeast. and they're still working around the clock here. we went to a cooling shelter and we just shot this moments ago. so people could get some relief. red cross set up a shelter there on new jersey avenue. d.c. fire brought in a metrobus so people taking advantage of that. it feels a little better today but not much relief for the folks stuck inside. firefighters went door-to-door to check on the elderly and handicapped at tyler house apartments. where several hundred residents live. no electricity, no air conditioning and 90 degree temps. portable fans and a cooling center on the first floor provided some relief but with the elevator out, some can't come down or refuse to leave the eight story building. they're checking in bringing food and water in this one case, an 80 plus-year-old
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woman. >> we got a lot of people in wheelchairs and can't come down. >> yeah, so, a lot of issues along two days here in north capital street. you see pepco here back out here live where pepco workers are trying to fix a problem. their target date was midnight last night. that had come and gone. they actually fixed the problem at first. but then the cable broke again. they still don't know exactly what is wrong and what caused the second break here on the cables underground. we also talked with the harris people. they lost some of their groceries here but everyone trying to cope but at least there is a break in the heat this morning. back to you. >> that's the good news, surae. they're working all night and the outages don't seem to be getting repaired quickly. have they given. >> reason for that? >> they haven't said exactly. that's what they described, clay anderson in the last hour, they tried to find out what the
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problem is. that's why they have the roads closed because they wanted to lay out all of the cables out here. they check very specifically on what went wrong. they don't have answers this morning. hopefully people will be back online at noon. that is their new target date. we'll see if that happens. mike? >> thank you, surae live in northeast this morning. >> massachusetts is under a state of emergency this morning after tornadoes ripped through the state yesterday. four people were killed in the storms, dozens more were hurt. the tornadoes caused significant damage in several cities. one tore through springfield during rush hour. another damaged a school and buildings in westfield. i was crying. everyone was crying. people were screaming. people were puking. it was just disaster. it was very terrifying. >> i was just watching the trees fall everywhere. like i said, i got on to the floor where it was semisafe. >> so far, the national weather service has confirmed at least two tornadoes touched down in
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massachusetts. fema and the natural guard already have people in the hard-hit areas to help with the cleanup. >> we now know the name and the age of the girl found dead in a basement in gaithersburg earlier this week. 12-year-old jessica nguyen was a sixth grader at gaithersburg middle school. police have now officially ruled her death a homicide. they say she suffered some sort of upper body trauma but they're not releasing the exact cause of death at this point. her bodcy was found inside her family's townhouse on raven avenue in gaithersburg. the national transportation safety board says it expects to have a preliminary report on that deadly bus accident in virginia in the next ten days. four people died when the tour bus flipped over along i-95 in ruther glen on tuesday. 20 of the 50 people injured were still in the hospital last night. federal transportation authorities say they were close to shutting down sky express just last week for safety violations. but the company was given ten days to file an appeal.
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>> time for another check on your money this morning. jessica doyle is back with tips on using your debit and credit cards. >> more and more of us are using our debit cards nowadays. it is part of the movement to become more frugal. that whole attitude with debit cards, i'm not going to spend what i don't have. that's good. but not all debit cards are created equal. here are three things you need to know. if your debit card gets lost or stolen, you may not be protected against fraudulent charges. federal law requires credit cards to limit your liability but not debit cards. so, how do you protect yourself? you have to check with your bank to see if it provides liability protection against fraud and theft. you should know when it is applied and your timetable for reporting lost and another thing, sometimes you need to sign for a purchase and not use the pin pad. to get the antifraud benefits.
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also, did you know your debit transaction could be refused? if your credit card use is different -- let's say you're using the car out in the d.c. area, your purchase could be rejected. you can ask the bank to put a travel alert on your account. you can also call or e-mail the bank if your transaction is turned down. >> here is a big upside for using your debit card. a debit card helps you when you lose the receipts. some institutions offer service to research how much money you spent and when and then they'll e-mail the receipt to you. others are mail a receipt for a small fee. that saves you money when you go to return because you don't get your money back. >> i didn't know that. >> thank you, jess. well, the metropolitan washington airport's authority and virginia leaders say -- they will work together to reduce the cost of the dulles metro project. two sides came to an agreement after meeting with transportation secretary ray lahood yesterday.
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they now spend the next 30 days with the plan to finance the project. the two sides will make a final decision on the location at the airport station. our time is 6:10. more news, weather and traffic just ahead. coming up at 6:13, has the hot weather made you hot under the collar? we'll have expert tips on how to cope the next time you're annoyed. >> the nats try to get two out of three against the phillies. we'll show you highlights from yesterday's game. it was a great one. then at 6:47, the emotional farewell to members of virginia's national guard as they head off to iraq. stay with us.
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good morning. time now, 6:13 on your thursday morning. we're waking up to partly cloudy conditions and it is going to be mostly sunny all day. by 9:00, it will be in the mid- 70s. at noon, around 80. take your lunch outside. it won't be breezy by this afternoon. but drier air coming in from the northwest. by 5:00, lots of sun as well. temperatures in the lower 80s. our afternoon highs will be mid- 80s. right now, it is 76 degrees outside. it is less humid. much better as you're walking out the door. here is angie with your traffic. >> like hearing that, anny. right now, we're looking at inner loop and overall, building a little bit of congestion past braddock road
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up to 66. still ahead, more maryland roads for you. we'll have that, mike and andrea at 6:16. >> japan's prime minister survived a no confidence vote over the way he handled the country's nuclear crisis and tsunami. >> even with lawmakers on his side, he says he is willing to resign. that's one of the stories making news now this morning. he said he is willing to step down once japan is on its way to recovery. he did not give a date when that might be kan's opponents have criticized him for not acting fast enough during the crisis. >> a private security firm has been hired to investigate the alleged hacking of his twitter account. a college student said she was sent a lewd photo from anthony weiner's account. he won't say whether or not it was him in that picture. >> the man behind the balloon boy hoax is trying to sell a piece of that contraption that he said carried his young son.
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richard heaney is auctioning the flying saucer to benefit charity. both he and his wife pleaded guilty to charges in the incident. terms of their probation prevent them from profiting from the hoax. so, how well do you deal with the intense heat we've been having? if the temperatures rise, so do the countless annoyances that can make people cringe. >> reporter: annoyances are everywhere! and many times, they're just unavoidable. >> annoyance, it is certainly an emotion. it is something everyone is familiar with. however, it is something very particular. and what may annoy one person may not annoy another person. >> dupont psychologist says the top five things that annoy people in the washington area include -- excessive cell phone
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use. other people's personal hygiene. metro delays. long lines. and rude people. >> that is all going to annoy you. >> people deal with irritation if they know when they're going to stop. i think one of the things that's difficult is when you don't know when that's going to happ. this is kind of the principal behind certain torture. there are some common techniques according to dr. latham that can be applied to try to keep a cool head. >> sometimes putting on the headphones can be another solution to avoiding the situation by just tuning it out. >> you can also tune out by reading, being able to concentrate on reading material will help distract your attention from an otherwise irritating situation. if you feel like being more confrontational about things, dr. latham says there is a polite way to do it. take, for example, someone's loud cell phone conversation. >> i don't think that there's
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anything wrong with bringing to the attention of someone who let's say is talking on a cell phone, would you mind taking the conversation elsewhere. >> the best advice if you can manage it is still -- >> walking away, frankly is the best thing you can do. >> once again, whatever the case may be, whether it is the cracking of the knuckles, the excessive use of the cell phone or all of the traffic in washington, dr. latham says always remember, most of the time, it is just temporary. i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> the experts say if you find yourselves stuck in traffic listening to soothing music and having a pleasant fragrance in the car can help calm your nerves. the music definitely helps and anybody who sat in d.c. traffic knows you need any kind of help you can get! >> yeah. >> i'm guilty of that yesterday. i got mad at somebody for cutting me off. i was like hey! i blame it on the weather. >> it was an idiot. >> today, the annoyance factor
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is less. weatherwise. because we're going to be seeing some relief. already, we're feeling it. step outside today. you'll walk to work and walk to your car or to school. it is not as humid outside. so, you're definitely going to feel a lot more comfortable. here is a look at your bus stop forecast as the kids are heading to school this morning. we're expecting partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions out there and mild and not as humid. 70s is our temperatures as we start off this thursday morning. here is a look at your day planner as we're looking at the jefferson memorial. about 8:00 this morning, still low 70s. by noon, 80 degrees. notice the winds will be out of the northwest. they pick up in the afternoon. 15 miles per hour. the good thing about the northwesterly breeze is it is going to be a drier air. by 4:00, 85 degrees. northwest winds at 18 miles per hour. so that drier air, some concern that it could create some fire hazard conditions as it is going to be gusty and dry out there. we're watching that possibility. no red flag warnings or watches
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posted yet. currently, 76 degrees in downtown. 70 in manassas. 66 degrees in frederick. hagerstown, good morning to you. it is 66 degrees for you. right now in washington, 76 degrees. and that dew point, 48 degrees. so, it feels much better out there thanks to the drier air and that cold front that's come through. here's a look at the satellite radar picture where you can see, we did see the storms come through yesterday. but they're now off on to the coast and we're looking at a storm-free day today and through tomorrow. the weekend, things could be changing. highs for today. generally mid-80s. 86 degrees for d.c. it will be a nice day to go outside. get that run in. the bike ride, even after work. manassas, 86 degrees. 81 for winchester. culpepper warming up into the upper 80s. here is your next three days. we'll cool down more on friday. friday looks fantastic. mostly sunny. no worries for storms or rain.
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82 degrees. on saturday, we warm back up into the upper 80s, a chance for some afternoon evening thunderstorms. here's your seven-day outlook. i got the pink ribbon for the race for the cure. a lot of runners getting ready for that. the morning should be ok. we're warming up and then the weekend, we finish off into the upper 80s, the chance for some thunderstorms. here's angie with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. >> 20 minutes after the 6:00 hour. yellow light. we turn it on because we're dealing with a new accident to tell you about. this is southbound 270. i'll step out of the way. it is kind of back here in this area. it is hard to see. it is near the montgomery village exit. it is taking away part of the shoulder. your traffic is slowly getting by through the middle. once you get past this point, you get a break in the delay and things start to pick up as far as speed is concerned. let's move it over to the maps and show you the outer loop north of the district. from 95 over to 270, we remain
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incident-free. outside, we've been watching this with our cameras, drivers are slowing down a little bit as we move it outside from new hampshire avenue over to georgia. definitely sun glare is going to be a factor this morning. not a bad idea to bring the shades before you leave the house. let's take it over to d.c. and show you first street. still remains closed between l and m in northeast d.c. and that's because we have crews on the scene working the power outage trying to restore the lights. meanwhile, follow police direction. 66 travelers headed eastbound, no incident. in the yellow, about 7 minutes longer than usual to make it from fairfax over to the beltway. it looks like 267 headed eastbound is doing just fine approaching the toll plaza. d.c. 295, no problems approaching the 11th street bridge. still ahead, a look at 395, mike and andrea, that's coming up at 6:26. back to you. our time is 6:21. a local college hoops star gets his shot to impress the wizards. >> the nationals try to take a series from the division- leading phillies. angie goff threw out the first
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pitch. was she good luck? highlights coming up next. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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good morning. time now, 6:235 on your thursday morning. it is pre-friday. boy, the humidity is outta here. it will be a much more comfortable day today. really, enjoy this break from the heat that we've been seeing the last few days here. here's a look at your day planner for your thursday. temperatures in the mid-70s this morning. then by 11:00, upper 70s. 80s by 1:00. we'll have the winds coming from the northwest. that's a drier wind so it is going to be -- the humidity is not a factor today. we're warming up close to around mid-80s for today. some places, upper 80s like south of the d.c. area. by 5:00, 82 degrees. breezy by late this morning and through this afternoon. here is mike and andrea. good morning, guys. >> thank you, anny. >> the washington nationals went in yesterday's game with a rare chance to win a series
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against division-leading philadelphia. >> against a hot pitcher, too. the hometown squad came through. the nats and phils were tied at one in the bottom of the third when lance nix hits his ninth homer of the year to give washington the lead. in the sixth, philadelphia threatened, the bases are loaded. it is nexts again. diving catch to rob dominic brown. nats hang on and take two of three from the phillies. >> fun game. >> out in seattle, orioles snapped their five-game losing streak. pickup in the eighth, os tied at 1. solo shot to left. orioles win. >> to basketball, the wizards will continue their predraft workout and it will feature a little college star, georgetown, austin freeman. the former hoya played four years on the hill, top earning second team, all big east.
6:27 am
he earned that all big east honors. good luck to him. now 6:27. we'll check on the pout outages in northeast d.c. >> we'll tell you why some d.c. residents were protesting outside city council meeting last night. traffic check now, angie, over to you. right now, 395 headed northbound, we're slow over to seminary. volume is starting to pick up. incidents to avoid, i'll have that still ahead. stay with us. you're watching 9news now.
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. welcome back to 9news now. our time this thursday morning is 6:31 and you're looking live. this is a picture of national airport where a new record high temperature was set yesterday. 98 degrees. but hopefully no repeat of that today. >> my goodness. it was hot yesterday. thank you for joining us. you have some relief on the way. i'm mike hydeck. >> anny hong is on the weather terrace to tell us about the relief in store for all of us. >> you already feel it now. i'm outside yet here live in northwest d.c. and the skies are blue. the birds are chirping and boy, it feels really nice! that humidity is gone! so, for the rest of today, we're expecting a much more comfortable day. less humid. air quality code green. looking good there.
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by 9:00, mid-70s at noon, we'll be around lower 80s. at 5:00, mostly sunny, 82 degrees. we will be gusty and breezy especially by late morning and early this afternoon. but it is going to be a wind from the northwest. that's a drier wind. a little bit of concern for some fire dangers for today. but no red flag watches or warnings have been posted just yet. generally highs for today will be around mid-80s, a few degrees above average. nowhere near the records for today. record highs for today rather. here's angie with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. the time now, two minutes after the half hour. what we're looking at is the yellow light. let me show it to you. we're dealing with this disabled vehicle. this is new out in silver spring area. southbound 29 right past oakley drive. drivers losing the center lane. going to the right and to the left to get by. 270, better news. that accident near 124, montgomery village avenue.
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once again, traffic is free- flowing. drivers are still slow from father hurley to this point and then way before that from 80 down to 109. taking it back over to the maps, out in northeast d.c., first street remains shut down. crews throughout still working on the power outage trying to restore the power to the traffic lights before l and m streets. as a result of that, you need to follow police direction, factor in extra minutes for your commute. another d.c. road for you, inbound new york avenue, finding the main congestion between bladensburg road and the third street tunnel. still ahead, another look around the region. first, want to let you know your trains are all running on time. my next traffic report is coming up at 6:46. back to you. thanks, angie. close to 2,000 people in northeast d.c. are waking up again this morning with no power. some of them have been dealing with this since 2:30 on tuesday afternoon. >> pepco thought it had fixed the problem last night. less than two hours after crew res stored service, the power
6:34 am
went out again. surae chinn joins us from the trouble spot where crews are still working on that problem. surae, what's their progress? >> well, the progress is that they are still working on it. and that they have set a new deadline for noon today. but yeah, it has been a big problem. not much good news as we woke up this morning but pepco right now, feverishly trying to fix the problem. they worked through the night. trying to get people back online. we have a little bit of a reprieve. it is cooler this morning. not much relief for those suffering inside without electricity. >> heat related. >> yes. >> reporter: several people had to be transported yesterday. pepco had been working to restore service to 1500 northeast washington customers who have been in the dark for more than 30 hours and pepco still at it this morning. what caused the suffering of these residents? pepco explains why the power outage the second time around. >> what we're doing right now at the intersection of first and pierce, which is where the
6:35 am
fault lies, we've got the cable, brand new cable, more robust cable that stretches the entire length of pierce street. so, we're going from first all the way down to north capital. that's laying outside. we tested that line. we tested that cable. we're testing now some final connections underground. so, it looks like now, everything is still on a go for about noon today. >> i'm hot as hell. me and my daughter have a medical issue. we need somewhere with some air. >> reporter: get it fixed as soon as possible. you see the pepco workers concentrating underground here at first and m streets, first and pierce streets northeast. so, the problem, the underground feeders, three of them failed. they fixed the problem but then new problems showed up when they replaced the new line. the older parts started failing. so, we hope that this is -- the new fix that they replace the whole thing. that this will be back online by noon. we're counting down. we'll make sure it is back
6:36 am
online. the folks obviously want that as it continues to warm up later on today in the 80s. back to you. surae chinn reporting live from northeast washington. mike? >> andrea, heads up for metro commuters if you ride the blue line. the franconia, springfield and van dorn stations will be closed this sunday so crews can work on the telegraph bridge. bus service will be provided instead but allow an extra 30 minutes for your trip as it is going to take longer. service should be back to normal by monday. people who live near capitol hill and are against d.c.'s redistricting plan are vowing not to go down without a fight. >> one hill, one voice. >> they held a protest outside the wilson building before last night's public hearing. protestors are upset the plan would move some of the neighborhood into ward seven. that's largely on the other side of the anacostia river and is demographically less well off than ward 6. the plans to
6:37 am
redistrict come as a result of the 2010 census where it shows the city grew over the past decade to more than 600,000 people. d.c. police are hoping they will have an accurate breathalyzer program running by next march to help them catch and convict drunk drivers. that is what we're learning from a d.c. council committee hearing that took place yesterday. police have not used breathalyzers since february of last year when they discovered their equipment was not properly calibrated and then produced faulty blood alcohol scores. council member phil mendelson says a revamped program cannot come soon enough. >> it is clear that the drunk driving prosecutions have stumbled. >> until d.c. gets a brand new d.c. breathalyzer program, police will continue to use urine and roadside sobriety tests in their drunk driving arrests. >> time for another check on your money. >> we're talking jobs. new prospects for job seekers. >> of course, the job market
6:38 am
not perfect but it sure looks better than it did about six months ago. our partners at "usa today" have been crunching the numbers and list these five occupations as being the most in demand right now. these are your red hot jobs. search engine optimizer. there are more jobs than people available to fill them. these are the folks that help web sites elevate their rank search engine result. next up, truck driver. 1.4 job seeker for every opening. financial analysts, 1.5. software engineers, phoenix who make mobile apps, 1.7 applicants per job. home health aides, 1.7 there. business development director. two active job seekers for every job opening and finally, international law, 3.2 active job seekers for every position. right now, wall street is looking a tiny bit higher after a rough day yesterday. the major averages all dropped over 2%, a 280 point loss for
6:39 am
the dow. that's after two economic reports about the health of the job market and the manufacturing sector. it was, of course, the first day of june and june has the reputation on wall street of turning in the worst monthly performance for the dow. over the last 20 years. >> if you book travel online, you know some web sites are faster than others. our partners at "usa today" requested a survey from comp you on a ware and it found wide disparities. hotel giant marriott ranked as the top performing, airtran the fasters airline booking site. was the fastest to complete a consumer transaction, four seconds to finalize a booking. frontier airlines was the slowest at 35 seconds. and they found that you know, consumers expect to be done with -- to click on a site, have it load in two seconds. if it is longer than that, they're going to take off. so, it really matters. >> 35 seconds is a long time to wait. >> count it off.
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>> thanks, jess. it is coming up on 6:40. anny will have the full forecast when we come back. first, here's a look at what's on tonight... cw
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pre-friday! we like that. sounds good. >> so does anny hong's forecast sound good today. >> you can already feel it if you step outside. the humidity is gone. it is much more comfortable. we need it. it has been a tough few days here. our air conditioning has been overworked. here is a look at your forecast as you're heading out the door for today. it is gorgeous outside. get out for an early walk or
6:45 am
run, do it. mild as you start out the day. not as humid. temperatures in the 70s this morning. we're going to warm up. not too bad here. by 8:00, we'll be close to mid- 70s. at noon, around lower 80s. notice the winds out of the northwest. that's a drier wind. but they'll be gusting and also we'll see sustained winds at 15 miles per hour by noon. around 18 miles per hour by 4:00. temperature there around mid- 80s, lots of sunshine. no worries for thunderstorms or showers today. 8:00, mid-70s. really nice night to be outside and to take advantage of the less humid air mass. today, warm. not humid. friday looks really good. fantastic forecast. heating up over the weekend, maybe some weekend afternoon evening isolated storms are possible. currently, it is 76 in downtown. 68 for gaithersburg. 66 in culpepper. lower 70s for winchester and martinsburg. cumberland, 70 degrees for you at this hour. so, right now, at the airport,
6:46 am
it feels like 76 because the dew point is only 48 degrees. it is nice out there. you're going to feel like it is a breath of fresh air as you're waking up this morning and getting outside. here is a look at the satellite and radar picture, we saw the thunderstorms, some severe go through last night. but you can see they've cleared on out. they're off on the coast. now, we've got much calmer conditions. we'll see the winds picking up this afternoon. highs for today generally mid- 80s around d.c. 84 in leesburg. we should be in the lower 80s this time of year. only a few degrees above that. no record breaking heat today or tomorrow. your next three days, here's how it looks. breezy, mid-80s, lots of sunshine. tomorrow, even nicer. lower 80s. lots of sunshine. on saturday, we're warming back up into the upper 80s with a slight chance for thunderstorms. we've got the pink ribbon on there because saturday morning is the kickoff for the race for the cure. so, it is going to be good. you start out in the morning. warming up into the upper 80s for the weekend. a chance for storms through
6:47 am
tuesday and wednesday. and we're warming up into the lower 90s by wednesday. but the next several days, no crazy heat to talk about. here's angie with your traffic. >> thank you, anny. yellow light stays on as we're dealing with some incidents out there that could slow you down. good thursday morning, everybody. so glad you could join us. right now, we're looking at first street. this is between l and m streets. crews on the scene working the power outage trying to restore the power. if you're heading out this way, follow police direction. not a bad idea to factor in extra minutes for your commute. your biggest delays, camera tour. under sunny skies. 95 headed northbound doing fine. from the prince william parkway doing fine. slow again approaching the mixing bowl. 66 drivers if you're headed eastbound, expect to slow down from 234 to 29 and then a good amount of congestion also stretching between route 50 and the 123 exit. hello, maryland, 270 headed southbound, a little bit of a
6:48 am
shaky shot for you here from 80 down to the split, pretty much stop and go. pretty good here. it looks like you'll need your shades. sun glare will be a factor for this delay. the estimated drive time is already 15 minutes, five minutes longer than usual. that, my friends is getting longer. still ahead, a look at your top traffic stories of the morning. i'll have that two minutes before the 7:00 hour. now back to you. >> we'll see you then. more than 800 members of the virginia national guard are on their way to india this morning before heading to iraq. >> indiana rather. >> family and friends gathered to see the soldiers for their 13-month deployment. for some, this is their fifth or sixth trip to the war zone. >> i was ok until i walked out and saw all of the buses and everything hit me and i saw his face and i just lost it. >> trying to keep myself busy. he'll always be if on my mind.
6:49 am
>> the virginia national guard troops will be conducting convoy security and base defense operations in iraq until next summer. two days and counting until sunday's race for the cure. there's still time for you to sign up for this annual event on the national mall. but you have to register in person. late registration and events pickups will be today and tomorrow at the hyatt regency on capitol hill from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. this is a big push because the money raised, 75% of it will stay right in our community to fund life saving breast cancer programs. for more information, log on to then after the race, please join us for our prime time special on all of the day's events. it is called impact. make one. it will air on wusa 9 saturday june 4th at 8:00 p.m. >> it is 6:49. we have 76 degrees here in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is next. >> we've got your united
6:50 am
airlines travel cast. right now at dulles international, 73 degrees. lots of sunshine. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. visibility 10 miles. no problems there getting in and getting out. let's do some traveling. we head on over to chicago. 71 degrees. lots of sunshine. no worries about the storms there at o'hare. denver, 90 degrees today. lots of sun there as well in the mile high city. vegas in the lower 80s. los angeles looks good. lots of sunshine and seattle, pack an umbrella if you're going to the northwest. highs there 55. also a jacket. showers and rain with cloudy conditions.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
we have breaking news for you out of frederick, maryland. one person has been killed in a house fire. this is a live picture from sky 9. the home is located in the 800 block of east south street. >> firefighters found the person on the second floor in the home in cardiac arrest. two other people in the home were taken to the hospital. they have nonlife-threatening injuries. investigators are now looking into what started the fire. "the early show" begins in just six minutes. >> right now, erica hill tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up on "the early show," deadly tornadoes hit massachusetts, the freak storms the worst in 45 years. we're live in springfield, massachusetts, this morning. also the rebound on the economy may not be so robust. a closer look at jobs, housing
6:54 am
and the markets. we'll also check in with eric cantor to see how the federal debt may be the biggest threat to recovery. >> a bizarre photo followed by an unclear story. congressman anthony weiner still talking about that lewd photo sent if his twitter account. what really happened. that's coming up on "the early show." our time is 6:54. >> one more traffic check and weather check, too, when 9news now returns. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. well, before we go, we have one more thing to talk about. imagine bringing your own water bottle to a d.c. restaurant to
6:58 am
save you big bucks. >> the program in d.c. is called tap it and d.c. water has teamed up with about 60 restaurants. you bring in your water bottle and they will refill the water bottle so you avoid paying for bottled water. saves on the environment, recycles, nice idea. 60 restaurants have teamed up with the city for the program called tap it. >> keep one in your car and then maybe you can use it and save the environment, too. >> enjoy a nice meal out. >> all right. "the early show" is next. we want to mention -- but first, we have anny. >> yeah. we've got your seven-day forecast here. breezy today. but it is going to be the breeze out of the northwest. it will be drier wind. not as humid today. highs around mid-80s. we cool down more tomorrow. lower 80s. on saturday for that kickoff to the race for the cure looks pretty good. starting out. it warms up into the upper 80s. >> all right. we're looking at 270 headed
6:59 am
southbound at route 80, the accident there taking away the left shoulder. drivers are just jammed from 80 down to the split. in d.c., first street is closed between l and m streets. this is in northeast due to the power outage. trying to fix the lights, follow police direction. 395 is jammed from the beltway over to king street. now over to jess. >> as for wall street after the big sell-off yesterday, we're looking a smidge higher. we're waiting for new economic kate da. >> because of the power outages, we have closures to mention to you. j. l. wilson elementary school, d.c. department of health, d.c. housing authority headquarters and the equal employment opportunity commission is closed. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes. anny and myself with more weather and news. >> get news, weather and traffic while you're at work today by visiting >> have a great day, everybody! enjoy the sunshine and the drier weather. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25.


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